“Everybody’s Cousin” Reggie Reg Takes a Bigger Role on the Bounce

“Everybody’s Cousin” Reggie Reg plays a large role within the community which gives him the nickname “Mr. Community,” but now, the radio veteran is looking forward to his larger role on 105.1 The BOUNCE.

You can now hear Reggie Reg Mondays-Fridays from 7:00pm-10:00pm for what he likes to call “Fam Time.” This show plays right into what he is all about, he explains this as a way to “give back to the families, kids, and churches.” He does this by informing them on what exactly is going on in the Metro Detroit area, while providing entertainment fitting for the family.

Of course the question has to pop up: where did this idea come from? Reggie Reg gave all the credit to Program Director Al Payne on coming up with this concept for him. Reggie admitted that Al had ideas from the beginning of where he wanted Mr. Community to end up in the lineup, but said it was “just a matter of time to find where the right spot was.”

The host of “Fam Time” explained that he was willing to wait however long the PD needed, as he put his faith in Al “knowing the people and the sound.” He knew that no matter where the boss put him, it would just make sense. He explained this thought process by saying “I have a great leader and I am thankful to take orders from him.” This new time slot for Reggie gives him a much larger role on air, which he is more than looking forward to. He compared this move to now being the starting running back on a football team, with his goal being to “help the team win.”

He acknowledges that this move gives him much more responsibility, compared to when he was on weekends, but he is ready to “put the shoulder pads on” and get to work. He says that he is now part of the “starting lineup,” which means it’s time for him to step up. Reggie Reg has every intention to do whatever it takes to prove he belongs in that lineup, where he will remain grateful to be.