WRIF Throws Axes With Papa Roach

Rock & Roll and Axes go hand in hand? It turns out playing with one of Jason Voorhees’ murderous weapons of choice can make for a fun day away from the office.

We all know the best radio promotions are experiences, especially the kind you didn’t even realize were an option, like joining one of your favorite bands to throw real honest to God axes. WRIF music director Jade Springart agrees and was the mastermind behind the idea of letting our listeners join with either team Nothing More or team Papa Roach for some good-natured target competition.

“I had originally reached out to the band’s record label to see what they were willing to do with us and after they said acoustic sets & sound checks weren’t an option, I just started thinking outside the box. I gave them a bunch of options from the arcades downtown to bowling and axe throwing,” Jade said.

“It sounds amazing, and it also sounds like something you might expect your boss to chuckle at and send you on your way.  HAHA! Well, I had given the bands a few options and they chose axe throwing so they must be just as nuts! As for Mark & Ken… They both know I’m nuts! After investigating the location and seeing their safety protocol, we all agreed this would be a pretty cool event.”

Cool doesn’t even begin to describe how interesting it sounded on the air giving away a once in a lifetime interactive opportunity. And in the end, the weapon tossing event turned out to be a hit with the bands as well. Jade added “They LOVED it! Both bands posted tons of pics & videos on their social media accounts while we were there and because it was such a cool activity it made it really easy to engage with our contest winners.

Jacoby of Papa Roach told me they love doing things that weren’t ‘the norm’ for radio promo and this was definitely up there. The guys in Nothing More said ‘this is probably the coolest radio promotion we’ve ever done!’ Team Nothing More were victorious over team Papa Roach, but thanks to Jade the big winner was WRIF, as we lived up to our reputation of providing, living and experiencing everything that rocks!