WCSX’s ‘Big Jim’s House’ Gives Out Joe Louis Seats For Father’s Day

In the NHL, the definition of a Gordie Howe Trick is a goal, an assist, and a penalty all in one game. When Father’s Day comes knocking on the door to WCSX’s own Big Jim’s House morning show; Big Jim, Erin V and Producer Ryan followed suit and netted themselves with a Hat Trick of a contest!

In honor of the holiday, the morning show held a live on-air contest for a few lucky fathers to win a chance to score the ultimate Father’s Day gift; a pair of Red Wing seats pulled from the Joe Louis Arena, a wood pellet grill, and a pair of front row tickets to see Steve Miller and Peter Frampton live at DTE!

The goal of the contest came down to setting up a hockey net here at the station grounds and shooting a puck at producer Ryan in the facemask. Each father had five chances to take their shot at immortal WCSX glory. The on-air contest was broadcast on Facebook live for all to see. When the dust settled, and the goals were tallied up, Matthew Hemstrought of Hazel Park emerged victorious.

Matt brought his own stick to the contest and followed through with some puck handling tips provided by Big Jim before the contest started. Everyone else who participated also walked away with a nice Fathers’ Day gift courtesy of Big Jim’s House.